Large Subscription: 4 Pints of Sauerkraut


Large Subscription: 4 Pints of Sauerkraut

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This is a package consists of 4 pints of Raw Probiotic-Rich Sauerkraut:

  • artisan-made in Bozeman
  • with produce sourced from local organic and pesticide-free farms
  • lacto-fermented for a minimum of 6 weeks!
  • free of gluten and dairy
  • vegan


Step 4: Put some kraut on it!

Everyday if you can! Consistency is very important for building up diversity of the good guys in a healthy gut!


Step 2: Pay Online


Step 3: Delivery/Pickup--

Kraut shares are delivered on the 1st Wednesday of the Month between 3-6pm

Free Delivery will include Bozeman City Limits and 4-corners area. If you live outside of town, or would rather pick-up, you are welcome to pick up your kraut share along with your Stella Bread Share at Stella Bread's address: 1601 W Olive Street, Bozeman Between 3-8pm on the 1st Wednesday of the month.

New! Bridger Kitchens in Four Corners is a pickup location now!


Seasonal Ferment:

This is a surprise ferment and is where the fun begins! Get the best of what the season has to offer while also getting a glimpse of what is bubbling in my kitchen right now! These krauts vary with the season, and you might receive one of the krauts below, or a completely new ferment!

  • Apple Fennel Kraut
  • Mild Curry Kraut
  • Beet Basil Kraut
  • Asian Savoy Ginger Kraut
  • Aleppo Ginger Kimchi
  • Italian Giardiniera
  • Fermented Citrus


Step 1: Choose your Package, Flavors, Delivery or Pickup Location

Choose the Pickup or Delivery Option and make sure to include the address that you would like me to drop your kraut at!

*Kraut Day is the First Wednesday of each month, so make sure you order enough kraut to last you the entire month!

Regular Flavors:

  • Traditional Caraway
  • Smokey Garlic Chipotle Kraut
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