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Fermented Vegetables

--Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Giardinera, Fermented Pesto--

Lets explore the art of fermenting Vegetables!  I will give you a history of the ferments and we will also cover the health benefits of adding fermented foods into your diet. I will then then I will take you step by step through the vegetable fermentation process and explain how you can make each recipe your own. We will then discuss trouble shooting your ferments and how to know when they are finished and safe to  eat!


healthy ProBiotic SOdas

Would you like to learn to brew your own Kombucha and Water Kefir?

In this class I will show you the art of brewing fermented sodas! I will give you a history of the drinks and also elaborate on the purported health benefits of Kombucha and Water Kefir, then I will take you step by step through the brewing process as well as the second fermentation to produce flavors and preferred carbonation. We will also discuss trouble shooting, sour booch and uses for extra SCOBY's.

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Private In-Home Cooking Classes

Would you like to host a cooking class/party in the privacy of your own home?  I will come to your home and teach you and your friends/family a healthy new way of looking at food and nutrition, while preparing delectable dishes for you all to eat. 

I teach:

  • Ancestral Diet Classes
  • Children/Baby Traditional Nutritional Wisdom Classes
  • Paleolithic Diet Classes
  • Raw and Vegan Foods Preparation Classes
  • Healthy Living Classes
  • as well as my favorite...Lacto-Fermentation Classes!

You get to keep the recipes and new skills from the class so that you can prepare it all again on your own.  

Cost will depend upon menu and number of guests.

Class Inquiries

Would you like to ask me a question about one of my classes, or schedule a private class in your own home? I'd love to speak with you!

Phone: 406-459-7368

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