RESCHEDULED--Tuesday,  May 3rd—Mastering Fermentation Series:

Yogurt and Beyond

With Jody Engstrom
WHERE: Bridger Kitchens (7540 Pioneer Way in Four Corners)
COST: $49.00
⦁    The Traditional Russian Superfood- Milk Kefir
⦁    Traditional Yogurt
⦁    Homemade Crème Fraiche
⦁    and muchmore!
Most of us have seen or eaten cultured or fermented dairy at some point in our lives, even if you didn’t know it.
Yogurt and sour cream are probably the most commonly consumed cultured dairy foods. In this class we will go into depth about yogurt, and also learn to make other fermented dairy products that you can make at home and incorporate into your daily diet.

You will leave the class with recipes and an understanding of how to produce these powerful foods in your own home! This class is for beginners and experienced fermenters alike! We will produce yogurt, kefir and crème fraiche from start to finish including the optional second fermentation, as well as flavor pairing.

We will have snacks, but will not be serving dinner so eat before you come, or brown bag it, you are welcome to eat here!

*Cultures, including milk kefir grains will be available to purchase