do you Want to feel nourished and improve you health? I can help you by:

>>Producing the highest-quality fermented foods chock full of probiotics, enzymes and vitamins to improve your health and making them easily accessible to you through local farmer's markets.<<

>>Teaching you how to make your own fermented foods and cook nourishing, allergen-free meals for you and your family.<<

I feel it is an obligation to help people understand the relation of food to agriculture and the relationship of food to culture
— Alice Waters

Our Producers

I am active in reaching out to my producers of locally sourced foods from responsible farms and ranches from which I procure fresh dairy products, antibiotic free grass-fed, pastured meats (beef, lamb, pork and bison) and poultry, as well as the freshest locally grown fruits and vegetables for their essential health elements. These hardworking individuals are stewards of our natural resources, and I believe that these local seasonal foods shine with a flavor that no conventional food can possibly hope to match. So please, next time you hit the market, give your farmer a high five!

images courtesy of Rory Running of Running Strike Farms and Montana Highland Lamb

strike farms

Is a 6-acre diversified organic farm just outside of Bozeman city limits. They grow well over 100 different varieties of organic vegetables, herbs and flowers each season that can be found through our CSA programs, at two summer and one winter farmer’s markets, as well as local stores and and in dishes at several area restaurants.


Three Fiddles Farm

Believes that everyone deserves fresh, local, tasty, and healthy food. The healthiest food comes from healthy soil. We are blessed with incredibly fertile soil on our farm, and take great care in maintaining soil health using crop rotations, compost, and green manure cover crops. We also carefully select seeds that are adapted for our short growing season, and have superior flavor. Most of our seeds are produced organically and come from family-owned seed companies. We use sustainable practices that are always free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and GMOs!


Alpine Organics Farm

Dawn and Dave are  producing local and certified organic food available to Bozeman, Butte , Helana and surrounding areas.  They invite you to experience the taste of locally grown fresh-from-the-vine tomatoes and veggies, the way nature intended them to be devoured.

Stella Bakery

Stella's delicious and beautiful bread is made with Montana grown, certified organic non-GMO ingredients using old European methods of wild yeast fermentation.

Montana Highland Lamb

Dave and Jenny of Montana Highland Lamb put their hearts and souls into their happy Montana pastured lambs. The ranch is outside of Whitehall, and produces local lamb for farmer's markets, and local grocery stores.


Montana Meat Co.

Is a small crew of young Montana ranchers, hell-bent on raising our cows on 100% grass. No grain. No growth hormones. No antibiotics. 100% grassfed means happier (and tastier!) cows, healthier people, and thriving land. Montana Meat Co. stocks everything from local Elk, Rabbit, and Guinea Hog.


Amaltheia Dairy

Is a sustainable, organic company that makes organic goat cheeses.  We have been making cheese for 12 years and have three American Cheese Society Competition Award-Winning Cheeses.  We utilize all of our by-products and now have organic whey-fed pork to sell - as well as organic vegetables and composted manure.

Poor orphan creamery

hand-crafts french-style farmstead cheese from the creamery’s own flock of Icelandic sheep, and also produces delicious cow's milk cheese.

Lazy sr Ranch

Operates in the Shields River Valley, near Wilsall, and has done so since Montana was a territory. The Ranch raises cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and turkeys sustainably to produce nutritious, healthy, protein that tastes good.  We raise our animals naturally on pasture, do not feed them low grade antibiotics, hormones, or ground animal parts.



Gallatin Valley Botanical

is a certified organic farm in Bozeman, Montana run by Matt & Jacy Rothschiller. We are located 3 miles east of Bozeman on the fertile bottomlands of Rocky Creek. We’ve been growing produce for our community in Bozeman since 2003 and were fortunate enough to start working our own soil in 2008. We are cultivating around 12 acres and have planted it in a diverse array of vegetables, herbs, and small fruits. Cover cropping, underseeding, beneficial insect attracting plantings, crop rotations, soil testing, and observation all help us to maintain and monitor our soil fertility, insect and weed pressure, and overall farm health.

Wild Crumb Bakery

is a locally owned and operated bakery specializing in organic artisan breads and gorgeous pastries.